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Thứ Bảy, 7 tháng 10, 2017

10 Popular Health Practices that You Need to Think Twice About

You could be actually harming your health while thinking that you’re making healthy choices! The reason why this is commonly happening for many people is that they usually follow the advertisers’ suggestions without a second thought.
Some individuals were taught certain things from their parents who, in turn, learned it from their parents, and so it goes. After all, we all do some things in the name of our optimal health.
But do you really know whether the healthy things you do are truly beneficial? The following slides might challenge your health practices beliefs.

Teachers at schools nationwide are recommending their students to use hand sanitizers. This is after they have held the annual school supply drive for parents to get a list of some necessary items, including hand sanitizer. Those teachers would probably think twice if they knew the actual dangers of using this product. As a minimum negative effect, hand sanitizer creates wrinkles on the hands of users since it dries out the skin.
It also consists of chemicals (besides alcohol) which can be very harmful if used so often. What’s more important is that the use of this type of products is creating more resistant viruses and bacteria. And soon, using hand sanitizer will be useless, except for relieving our anxieties.

Much like hand sanitizer, people who frequently use antibiotics are helping to create resistant bacteria. Soon, these drugs will be useless to those with bacterial infections. As for the common cold, you just have to wait it out with plenty of rest and fluids anyway. Another negative effect of antibiotics, including rifampin, is the risk of getting pregnant.
In fact, many women realize that their birth control pills become useless when they take some antibiotics. Unfortunately, there is a certain number of women who don’t know this and risk pregnancy by taking antibiotics.


If we told people in the 50s about the concept of making money from selling water in bottles, they would have been amazed. Perhaps, they would have instantly refused to drink water from amusement parks, which charge unreasonably exaggerated prices. Today, we have become indifferent to the prices and use of this product.
Moreover, bottled water companies try to hide from you the fact that they filter out necessary minerals in the purification process of their water. You may already know that fluoride is added to tap water. If removed, it is said that the health of our teeth would be in danger of the nasty cavity. In case you get a cavity, you might want to change your drinking water rather than visiting a dentist.

Almost everyone had already taken medicine to end pain and feel better. But did you know that pharmaceutical companies are the leading industry in the US? Unsurprisingly, doctors prescribe medicine rather than have their patients choose a homeopathic method, for example, to ease their health problems. For doctors, it’s easier and may be more lucrative if they receive compensation from a drug company.
The little-known fact is that many elderly patients are addicted to prescribed painkillers. Moreover, long-term use of narcotics, like codeine, can alter the brain chemistry of consumers. In certain cases, these alterations might be irreversible and probably lead to the onset of dementia.

Benadryl is a frequently used over-the-counter drug that seems to have no adverse effects if used appropriately. Yet, recent studies have uncovered some worrisome results about this popular medication.
Although Benadryl does help people who suffer from allergic reactions, long-term use can result in a remarkably higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Sarcastically, it’d be like having to make a choice between living with cats or Alzheimer’s disease!

Of course, you should go to the doctor as soon as you think that there’s something seriously wrong with your health. But do it at your own risk. The primary place where colds and viruses end up is in healthcare facilities since that’s where every sick person goes to get better.
Even with disinfecting such places on a regular basis, the chances of picking up a bacterium by visiting the doctor’s office remain really high. So you may want to think twice the next time you decide to see your physician because of a cough or a headache.

Nowadays, many people eat certain things just because they’ve been told that those foods are healthy. For instance, the widespread switch from red meats to other ‘unmeaty’ sources of protein. Fish and chicken are recommended as the best meats to get protein from.
But, frequent consumption of certain types of fish can be harmful to your health or even load your body with poison. It is no longer a secret that some fish contain mercury, which can lead to serious health problems when ingested.

Is butter a real weight loss enemy? Or that’s just what they want you to believe? When margarine was invented, it was meant to be fat-free and healthier than butter. Soon, margarine was found in every grocery store.
Many individuals have been eating margarine for years, and you can still find it now in so many refrigerators worldwide. The truth is that, unlike margarine, butter does not consist of trans fat! After all, eating some natural fat is much better than consuming health-damaging trans fat.

Another food craze is the gluten-free diet. Well, it makes sense that individuals with real allergies to gluten would buy gluten-free foods. But, why should others do so? Or why do they feel like they need to do it?
Many people assume that gluten-free is a synonym of healthy. Well, just because a cookie is gluten-free it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s beneficial for you because it still has butter, sugar, or additives. Consumers may want to think twice before rushing to every gluten-free product at the store.

Swimming is a wonderful exercise that is highly beneficial for human health. It is often recommended to people with joint pain as a great alternative. But, heavy pool workout is not as good as it may seem. While you exercise in a pool, you might be putting a strain on your heart and your body temperature wouldn’t be well-maintained.
This is not to say that working out in pools is bad but it is actually bad unless based on proper workout plans, in which it takes only a small and short part. Even athletes train in pools only for a portion of the entire workout.

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